Empowered Studio

Hours: Mon – Fri: 7AM – 7PM  |  Sat – Sun: 7AM – 12PM

Phone: (860) 430-2170

Address: 28 Main Street, East Hartford, CT 06118

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Committed to providing a special experience for the community, co-founders Jocelyn DeMaio and Neil Parisi opened Empowered in Glastonbury in December, 2016. Starting with a superior cycling program, they developed the Empowered experience! This utilizes the most cutting edge performance technology, to deliver a complete, high intensity experience that is safe, effective and FUN for everyone from the new exerciser to the elite athlete! In March, 2020, they expanded to offer additional fitness classes still focusing on a safe, and fun experience.

Empowered has been recognized three years in a row for both “Best Fitness Studio/Gym” (CT Magazine), and “Best Specialized Fitness Studio”(Hartford Readers’ Poll, CTNOW), We have no doubt that Empowered is a place you’ll love to call your “workout” home.

Strength Training Classes


Personalized Attention:

Since we are boutique studio, we are smaller in size, which allows us to give more personalized attention to you, our clients. This helps ensure that you are performing exercises correctly and getting the most out of your workout.

Community Atmosphere:

Empowered fosters a strong sense of community among our members. This provides a supportive and motivating environment that helps you stay committed to your fitness goals.

Specialized Workouts:

We specialize in specific types of workouts and create our own class plans based on attendees. This provides a more focused and immersive experience that is tailored to your interests and fitness level.

High-Quality Equipment:

We have invested in high-quality equipment and our facility to create a premium workout experience. This ensures that you have access to the tools you need to reach your fitness goals.


We are located on the East Hartford / Glastonbury line, across from a popular shopping area. After a workout with us, there are several great places to grab a coffee, or shop nearby.

Overall, our studio provides a true sense of community and social connection. The intimate atmosphere and personalized attention from our staff creates a sense of accountability and support, while small group classes foster a friendly and encouraging environment. Empowered offers unique and specialized workouts! Try out immersive Cycling, suspension training with TRX, sculpting / toning in Barre class, and many more options which create a one of a kind experience. Are you ready to be Empowered?