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This past week was my 100th ride at Empowered Indoor Cycling Studio. I’m pretty darn proud of that for a number of reasons….I have struggled with a significant number of Orthopedic issues throughout my adult life. I’ve had numerous bilateral Shoulder surgeries, back surgery, and have had a total of 8 surgeries on my right hip (ultimately it has been replaced 3 times). For the most part I have been on a cane or crutches for the last decade or so. At this point I use the cane only about 5% of the time as I still have some pretty rough days….I always feel that hip…..BUT with the addition of Empowered to my exercise regimen I have been able to significantly strengthen my leg muscles which has aided in stabilizing my hip. My limp has diminished. What I love about Empowered…..its not just a class…..its a COMMUNITY! People from all different walks of life, from elite cyclists and fitness pros to grandmas and grandpas to high school kids, and everywhere in between… really is a melting pot of every demographic. We are all there doing OUR best! The camaraderie among participants is amazing. The instructors, led by Jocelyn, are enthusiastic and knowledgable. The bikes are top of the line. This is NOT your typical “Spin” class. Every person works to be their best, setting a benchmark each class which allows you to work hard and progress. As a competitive person by nature, I love to see how much I have improved from class to class…but also from ride 1 to ride 100! So, thanks again to everyone at Empowered! You have truly made this last year AMAZING! And now to get to class 101!

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