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I’ve ridden at Empowered a few times now and each time I have found it to be a really fun and challenging (in a good way) experience. Jocelyn was often the instructor and does an outstanding job ensuring you know how to set the bikes up correctly so that you get the most from the ride and are able to really push yourself. The studio is setup well to be able to feel like you have enough room between you and other riders, that you are able to see the instructor as well as the monitors to see your stats. The coolest thing about Empowered is the live stats and the performance summary emailed to you after; you’re able to see on the monitors a whole range of things (watts, total energy, RPM’s, etc) to know exactly where you should be targeting at any given point during the ride. The sound system is outstanding as is the lighting, the studio temperature is set so that you’re comfortable while riding hard, and the instructors are really motivating and clearly enjoy their rolejob. I can’t recommend enough that someone give Empowered a try, it’s like no other cycling studio I’ve ridden at.

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