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Our indoor cycling classes are designed for all fitness levels and feature professional lighting, great music, and high energy.  A great way to get and stay in shape, our average rider can burn up to 500+ calories per class. A safe, fun experience, leaving you inspired, pumped-up and Empowered!

Class begins with a proper warm-up, followed by a 3-min. best effort benchmark, known as Personal Threshold Power (PTP). Riders use PTP to gauge individual performance throughout class, on our award-winning Stages™ bikes.

Finally, a workout summary is emailed after class. Results can also be tracked through your online account. See detailed class descriptions below. CLICK for weekly class schedule

Empowered CLASSIC

Our CLASSIC RIDE, focuses on the metrics: Revolutions Per Minute (RPM), speed, power, endurance, aerobic conditioning, and more. You’ll leave class truly EMPOWERED!


HIIT (High  Intensity Interval Training) RIDE  incorporates repeated intervals, followed by short, active, recovery periods, to get and keep your heart rate up, burning MORE fat in less time.

Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday is an Empowered signature ride. We’re sweat’en to the oldies from 70’s disco and 80’s hair bands to 90’s dance and 2000’s grunge. A nostalgic experience sure to bring you back!

Happy Hour Ride

This calorie-torching Happy Hour Ride will get you pumped up for the weekend! Make it a no-shower happy hour (hey, you earned it) and join the pack for after-class fun at an 06033 establishment.

Sweet Spot

Our “Sweet Spot” ride focuses on sustained power between 84 – 97% of your power threshold. This ride will help you build your aerobic base, raise your physiological potential, and more!

Theme Ride

Empowered theme rides combine a goal with an awesome playlist. May include: Cyclocross, Tour de France, movie soundtracks, sporting events etc., you’ll work hard and have extra fun in the process!

Beat Your Best

Beat Your Best is a 50 min. highly-competitive, stats-based ride, utilizing a series of drills. Challenge yourself for a personal record or compete with the riders around you, as you climb to the top of the digital leader board!

Stamina Ride

Stamina Ride (aka “In the Middle”), is a 50 min. tempo class dedicated to riding 70-90% of your personal threshold power (PTP). Great for building strength and endurance, Stamina Ride will make you a faster and more powerful rider.

Introduction to Empowered

New to cycling and a little hesitant? We have the solution, with our Introductory Ride, scheduled monthly. During class you will learn bike setup, as well as the basic technology, followed by a ½ hour class, with dedicated time to socialize afterward. Meet some of our awesome staff and make some new rider friends too! Check our calendar for the next Introductory Ride.

Empowered With Purpose

A special event class to raise money for a special cause/local charity.
Get in shape and feel good!

Private/Team Ride

Empowered can accommodate special groups during non-scheduled class times. Whether you are a cycling club training for a special race, a team in training, or interested in planning a unique birthday party or special event, we love working with all kinds of riders! Please email: to book your team ride!

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