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Empowered Co-Founders

Committed to providing a superior indoor cycling experience, co-founders Jocelyn DeMaio and Neil Parisi opened Empowered Studio, LLC. in Glastonbury, CT, December,2016.
Their goal was to create a community based on health, wellness and balance, and to serve all cyclist levels. Therefore, they developed the Empowered experience utilizing the most cutting edge performance technology, to deliver a complete, high intensity experience, that is safe, effective and FUN for everyone from the new exerciser to the elite athlete!
Recognized two years in a row for both “Best Fitness Studio/Gym” (CT Magazine), and “Best Specialized Fitness Studio”(Hartford Readers’ Poll,CTNOW), DeMaio and Parisi have since begun renovations to expand their Glastonbury location to offer additional fitness options. Scroll down to learn the story behind the motivation and passion that drives Empowered!

Empowered Cycling Classes

Classes led on Stages SC3 Series Studio Bikes, with real-time performance monitoring, energetic music, signature lighting, and certified instructors.

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The Empowered Story

Empowered Co-founders
Jocelyn DeMaio, and Neil Parisi 

What has been your physical fitness motivation?

Jocelyn: I survived two serious life-threatening illnesses: Hemolytic Anemia (a rare blood disease) as a baby, and contracted Viral Encephalitis at age 8, which caused me to slip into a coma for several days. Both times, I was read my last rights and my parents were told to say their goodbyes. Pulling through these experiences gave me an ‘anything is possible’ attitude and led to an immense passion for physical fitness. As a result, I continue to make health a priority, and I have a desire to help others do so as well!
Neil: I was very active growing up, playing ice-hockey, soccer, karate and high-school football. During junior year, I suffered a back injury leading to three major surgeries over the next four years, which forced me to give up all contact sports. Once given the green light to exercise, I had to stick to low-impact activities, but found I really missed the group camaraderie of sports participation.

What led you to Indoor Cycling?

Jocelyn: I played sports all through high school and college, which led to a love for weight training and group exercise. I tried Spinning® and within a year became a certified Spin® instructor at UCONN on-campus, eventually expanding to teach at more facilities.  Helping people reach their goals is my passion, and I had always wanted to open my own studio and inspire others at all levels to be there best.
Neil: On the advice of my orthopedic surgeon I tried indoor cycling and I was hooked! It is such a great workout – high intensity but low impact, so I could workout hard without re-injuring myself. I enjoyed the motivation I got in class, and the community of the group felt like a team. In experiencing the energy and excitement of indoor cycling, the entrepreneur in me saw the potential for a viable business, with expansion opportunities.

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Amazing studio!! Instructors are great and very motivating. Awesome work out every time. Would recommend to anyone!

Kailtin Carter
Rating : 5

Great cycling studio! The staff is friendly and welcoming. The instructors are very knowledgeable and will set you up on…read more

Valerie Towill
Rating : 5

Empowered Cycling classes are an awesome workout. The classes are varied so you can choose what type of class you…read more

laura siena
Rating : 5

I started going to Empowered in the beginning of April and I can honestly say it is the best decision…read more

erin sanford
Rating : 5

Excellent spin studio with great classes. Empowered is a great way to stay in shape and prepare for cycling outdoors.…read more

Rating : 5

I absolutely love Empowered! I started going to Empowered in January 2018 after I saw they offered a free intro…read more

Juliana Brown
Rating : 5

Love riding at Empowered! I always leave feeling energized and accomplished. The metrics are very motivating and keep me working…read more

Ann Fry
Rating : 5

I love Empowered! The energy is infectious. Even when you know it is going to be a hard workout, Jocelyn…read more

Kim Pita
Rating : 5

The generous Empowered team went above and beyond to support a charity ride for Mental Health Connecticut, the non-profit I…read more

Suzi Craig
Rating : 5

Great fun! With 25 bikes max per class, you don't feel lost in the crowd - instructors are really motivating…read more

Joyce Hyde
Rating : 5

Project Purple is so thankful to Empowered Indoor Cycling Studio and Jocelyn for hosting a Pedal to Beat Pancreatic Cancer…read more

Brian Blake
Rating : 5

Empowered Fitness/ cycling is beyond 5 stars. The owner Jocelyn and her professional staff are supportive and highly trained. They…read more

Patrick DeFrancesco
Rating : 5

Empowered is by far the best spinning studio I’ve ever been to! The instructors are great and very energetic, the…read more

Kristen Masood
Rating : 5

Empowered takes spinning to the next level with metrics-driven classes and smart bikes. It truly is a workout for people…read more

Kelly Kowalski
Rating : 5

Empowered Studio is beautiful, clean and has the best bikes of anywhere that I’ve been. The owner, Jocelyn along with…read more

Annette Hainey
Rating : 5

Everything about Empowered Indoor Cycling is an A+... The studio space, the instructors, and the classes. The bikes are top…read more

Tricia Kearney
Rating : 5

This past week was my 100th ride at Empowered Indoor Cycling Studio. I'm pretty darn proud of that for a…read more

Kris Cofiell
Rating : 5

Amazing workout and awesome staff! I had never tried spinning before taking a class at Empowered a couple of weeks…read more

Ashley Parker Bachman
Rating : 5

Had a terrific time. The music helped the ride and kept me going. Enjoyed he competition. Staff was very friendly…read more

Robert DeMaio
Rating : 5

Great enthusiasm from all the staff. Love and what a great community of cyclists to ride with.

Karen Mooney
Rating : 5
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