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Brenda developed an interest in fitness early on in her life when she would accompany her father to boxing practices. She also filled her early years with various styles of dance. She has always had a big appreciation of music which is an integral part of her classes. Brenda found indoor cycling back in 2006 while living in southern California. She continued under Jocelyn’s teaching when she moved to CT in 2008. She was sold on the intensity of the workout without the negative impact on her joints and back. Incorporating decades of dance and yoga training, posture and form are fundamental components of her classes.

Whether it is your 1st or 101st class, Brenda’s welcoming energy and unpretentious personality will make you feel at home right away. She is encouraging, kind-hearted and supportive. According to Brenda, “When you have that spirit of encouragement and community, anything is possible.”

Outside of fitness, Brenda enjoys wine tasting and a good meal. She loves to travel and recently took her mom to Ireland as a surprise to fulfill her bucket list. She also has an immense love of animals and gives back to rescue foundations including the ASPCA. Her and her husband, Andy, have one child.

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