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EMPOWERED Indoor Cycling technology allows you to track workout performance, so you can set and achieve your goals.

All of our state-of-the art cycling bikes are easy to adjust, and come equipped with a Stages Power® Meter to measure every pedal stroke, and a computer console to display individual performance metrics.

Empowered is the only studio in Glastonbury, CT to carry Stages SC3 bikes, the most advanced performance bikes on the market, and used by professional cyclists to train for Tour de France and the Olympics!  Each bike is equipped with a tracking console, to monitor and display ride performance in real-time. 

Speed, Revolutions Per Minute, Watts (power), Time, Distance and Calories are all tracked individually, and accessible for personal viewing.

Empowered Studio uses the latest in performance technology to keep you motivated to be your best. Our leader board offers riders real time statistics, so performance is viewed during class, giving participants the ability to even race other riders! Immediately following, individual statistics get emailed directly to you and remain available via personal online account.

Advanced Scheduling & Spot Reservations

Our convenient online reservation system makes it easy to sign up for class up to 14-days in advance. Reserve a specific bike too with our spot reservation system!

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